Books, glorious books

Far be it for me to be an enabler of anyone’s addiction, but…

if you love to read or are looking for recommendations for new authors or books then you cannot ignore the reading world’s social network – Goodreads.

I am there, with a ridiculous number of books on my To Read shelf.  I am also slowly adding books to my Read shelf as I remember them, or actually finish them.

For those who are more mobile, there is an iPhone and iPad app for when you are out and about.  In my case it will be used to access my To Read shelf when I am at the library wondering what book I should pick up this week.  Apparently there is also an Android app but my knowledge of these things is limited.

Feel free to connect up as a friend, I’m always keen to see what other bookish wonders there are out there and there is nothing like seeing life (and books) from someone else’s perspective.

4 thoughts on “Books, glorious books

  1. Don’t forget the Android app too! I can’t believe the amount coming through to my feed on your to read list, I’m too scared to do mine as I don’t think my life will be long enough!


  2. Don’t worry. That will stop soon. I was just working my way through the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die list. I’m a little over half way, so it should be a little less ridiculous soon.


  3. More like fantastic, not ridiculous! The only thing that I like more than reading is adding to my TBR list 🙂 My son says I should only add more books once I have finished a book, but I am always finding more that I want to read and that recommendation function is awesome!


    1. Fair enough Tori. 🙂
      I have to say that I waffle between your way of doing things & C’s view of it. :-O
      The recommendations is looking good, BUT I have to get through my monster list of Booklitzers and 1001s before I can even think about moving in to them. It’s bad enough that I keep going to the library on Friday nights and coming home with more “non-list” books – admittedly they are mostly non-fiction, but still….
      ahhhh, addictions… there’s not much I can say about it really….


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