I Shall Wear Midnight – Terry Pratchett

Mr Oh Waily purchased the latest in the Tiffany Aching series while he was in Europe on business.   Then it came home and sat on my bedside pile for quite a while until I felt the need for a familiar and relaxing read.

If you still haven’t read the About page, then you might be interested to know that this is the series of books from which this blog and the Oh Waily’s takes their name.

This is the fourth and, apparently, last book about Tiffany.  It is also a 2010 Nebula Award winner.  The title is a reference to Tiffany’s choice to avoid wearing the traditional black clothes of a witch, preferring instead to dress in green.  The full quote from A Hat Full of Sky is, “When I’m old I shall wear midnight, she’d decided. But for now she’d had enough of darkness.”

In this episode Tiffany is back on the Chalk after her apprenticeship in Lancre.  She is going about her everyday business of being the wee Hag o’ the hills, as the Feegles call her, when life starts to get interesting once again.
The old Baron dies, and Tiffany must travel to Ankh-Morpork to tell the Baron’s son Roland.  There is history with Roland, starting from the very first book The Wee Free Men.  On the way she is attacked by the Cunning Man, who is clearly set to make trouble for her.  She meets a raft of regular Discworld characters while in Ankh-Morpork, and later the senior witches turn up on the Chalk just as it is all about to be resolved.
The climax comes just before Roland is due to be married, with Tiffany facing off against the Cunning Man and his ability to influence the people around her.

This is another great children or young adult story from one of my favourite authors.  Things are not dumbed down, and therefore it makes very pleasant reading as an adult too.  These books can be quite philosophical, if you are inclined to read them that way, or they can simply be well written good versus evil romps.

And if it is indeed the last of the Tiffany Aching books, then it was a nice way to finish.

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