Are you addicted yet?


Can I tempt you?

Pinterest is, for me, a combination between an idea storage space and a visual inspiration board.  I have found it to be a great resource of ideas shared through images.  It has introduced me to like minded people who in turn have introduced me to corners of the interweb that I may never have found on my own.  And I am very grateful for that opportunity.  I now have several new inspirations for future activities for the Oh Waily children, as well as ideas about how better to arrange our home environment for all of us.

Oh, and did I mention the ridiculous number of delicious photographs of indulgent cupcakes, slices, muffins and fantastically decorated celebratory cakes?  Often linked to recipes or tutorials that help you to replicate the scrummy yummys in your own home.

Be warned, I can see it becoming something of an addiction, but used in moderation it is a wonderful source of ideas and connections.

Choosing to explore?  Feel free to follow me and my boards here.  I have boards for yummy food ideas, Montessori activities, decorating ideas (for kids mostly), crafting ideas (again mostly for the kids), things that make me laugh and things that just seem to hit the right spot for me.

I look forward to your company and getting to know you through your Pins.

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