Colour mixing

Colour mixing activities have been a regularly irregular activity for Miss Oh Waily since she was a small thing.  She still likes the process, so every now and then I bring out our home made version.  I have also recently noticed that Master Oh Waily isn’t as quick or comfortable with colours so the theme for this week will be colour recognition, with an emphasis on naming colours as well as identifying them.

Take a starting point:

Starting Point
Master O's starting point
Starting point
Miss O's starting point

This activity was eye candy for the kids while being productive from my point of view.  Along with the aim of talking about colours and their names my other interest in making this activity was introducing the syringe to Miss Oh and the eye dropper to Master Oh. Master Oh Waily was going to learn about colours while practicising a really useful motor skill – squeezing with thumb and forefinger.
Miss Oh went straight to work, her hand strength being such that using the syringe required a little bit of effort but nothing that frustrated.  So another motor skill is now tucked away in her bag of goodies.
Syringe skills
Master Oh was unfamiliar with the squeeze and release skills needed to work the eye dropper so needed more prompting. He did really well for his first time and by the end was squeezing and dripping with some level of control.
Learning to squeeze
After they had used the different colours, mixed them and then squeezed them all around their ice block tray & palette, I let them loose on the kitchen towel.
Where they made many pretty colour patterns.
Sadly kitchen towel doesn’t retain the colours nicely when dried, so I might add coffee filters to my grocery list for next week.  I understand that they hold colours well.

For more inspiration on colour mixing, I recommend reading this post over at My Montessori Journey.  I like the idea so much that I may see if the printable is still available and make it up to use at the end of this colourful week.

Today in history: 1734, Daniel Boone was born. (American Explorer)

I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.
– Daniel Boone

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