On Growing Up in NZ

A short while after Master Oh Waily was born we decided to join in the long-term study, Growing Up in NZ.  He is one of the seven thousand toddlers in their study database. Today was our two year old interview.

There is quite an interesting range of questions to answer.  Each parent is interviewed, with a shorter one for Mr Oh Waily, and a long one for me.  At the end of today’s interviews we also had Master Oh Waily participate in a couple of games involving building blocks and story telling / looking at pictures with him and I together.  Master Oh was also weighed and his height measured.

The information that is gained from the telephone and face-to-face interviews is collated and, presumably the interesting statistical facts gleaned from them, is put out in reports for us all to read.  The first report from the antenatal interviews is available now, while the next set are due out shortly.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next report as that is likely to be the first one in which records from our family’s interviews is included.   It takes relatively little time, today being a little over two hours due to the arrival home of the Oh Waily children from daycare to find a stranger in their home.  Not surprisingly they were very keen to find out more, thereby slowing and interrupting the interview process.  But that is life with toddlers and preschoolers, so everyone just went with the flow.

Very nicely, we are thanked for our participation.  Today Master Oh Waily gained a small bag of coloured wooden blocks which can be added to his birthday box of wooden blocks.  We also were given a drawstring bag with a book, two small snacks, stickers and a couple of other items.

When Master Oh is about two and a half they will be in touch again.  Most probably just by telephone.  The next full interview is when he turns four.
In the meantime Master Oh Waily has grown up in New Zealand to be 90 centimetres tall and 15.4 kg heavy in his two and a bit years.

Today in history: 1916 – Walter Cronkite was born. (American journalist)

In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.
– Walter Cronkite

6 thoughts on “On Growing Up in NZ

  1. How awesome to be part of the study. Thanks for the link, it is really interesting reading. Nice growing there Master Oh Waily : )


    1. Your little man would fit the profile too. Funny they chose to select from Auckland & Waikato only. Not sure why, other than keeping it geographically compact. And isn’t Hamilton the most “average” of average with regards to most Kiwi demographic stats?
      Anyway, yes it is really interesting to see what they are tracking & what areas they focus on with questions.


  2. Wow, cool, Mark has been part of a study since he was born in ’77, the Child Health and Development Study, it’s really interesting doing the interviews. Apparently we should be seen next year and they will possibly interview the kids at the same time to see the effects of the EQ’s


    1. Sel, how long does the study Mark is in plan on going? Is it open ended?
      It’s going to be really interesting when the kids get to the age when they are interviewed too. ;-D Can’t wait to see what pops out then.


      1. It’s open ended, pretty much each time they want to interview them they have to apply for more funding. I don’t think it’s all that hard for them to get it since they have so much data to go back and look at which means that what they choose to study now has history


  3. When Cass was born, they started the BBC series Child of our Time, with children born around the Millennium. Cass was born 23rd Dec 1999 so it has been really good watching the show and all the developmental stages all the kids are at. Feel like I know some of them, I got into it so much ha ha!


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