Some days are just like that.
The ones where you just want to sit down in a little quiet corner of a room hugging yourself and rocking gently backwards and forwards.  No sound should penetrate that peaceful rocking, other than the minor amount of whimpering coming from your own lips.

Then you realise that perhaps you need a break.  You realise that perhaps things have snuck up on you rather stealthily while you were being all que sera, sera* about life.

I have several topics that I want to blog about, but my energy and concentration levels are just not up to the task.  It might have something to do with my ever growing stress load.  We have new hires to organise, we have a huge and important stock take to fit in, and possibly the most important thing of all – we have 19 days to find somewhere to live.

Can’t imagine why my eyes might be spinning up into the back of my head, can you?

We won’t even bother to mention Christmas, shall we?  No, I think not.  No point in poking the sore spots more than necessary.

So tonight’s lovely long blog post about the Oh Waily children will need to wait another day, or perhaps it will be the long lost book review that I haven’t quite managed to type out yet.  They can fight it out for top spot tomorrow night.

I, my dear readers, am heading off to oblivion.  That blissful place where head hits pillow and body enjoys the feeling of crisp new sheets.
Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter metaphorically speaking, as well as factually the case since we are currently enjoying rain and gales here as I type.

See you all tomorrow, hopefully with some good news on one or many of the stress causing fronts.

* just to show that I haven’t quite lost my sense of humour, here’s Doris. Or is it that I have lost my marbles?  Well, enjoy the retro moment either way.

Today in history: 1888 – Harpo Marx was born.

Honk Honk
– Harpo Marx

2 thoughts on “Overload

    1. Yes indeed, the world could do with more Doris. Especially if she brings Rock along too.
      I did enjoy my oblivion and intend to do so again this evening.

      Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment. 🙂


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