Have you thought ahead?

The unthinkable will always happen.  You will, eventually, no longer draw breath.  You will have moved on to whatever place it is you feel you are destined for and your family will grieve and celebrate your life.

Well, hopefully they will grieve and celebrate.  Otherwise you’d better get your karma and relationships in order.

Anyway, I am raising this topic here at Oh Waily because of a wonderful, touching and eye-opening reader story over at Get Rich Slowly.

Eventually we all face some version of Jody’s experience in our lives, either with our parents, siblings, spouses or ourselves.  How you choose to bow out and leave things is down to you.   Most of us don’t even contemplate issues around estate planning and funeral details while we are “young”.  That is something we erroneously think is for elderly relatives or those who have a terminal illness intrude into their life.

Maybe this is so while you are very young, but when you have dependants?  I don’t just mean children.  Spouses, elderly parents, animals, anyone or thing that requires care.
Do you have people to whom you will be turning to execute your will?

You do have a will, right?

Jody’s Dad was an absolute star in the easing of the transition he knew she would have to face as his executor.  Clearly not everyone in every country has the same issues to address, but there will be a lot of similarities and while in a state of grief no one is likely to be completely functional.  So why not put plans in place to make it as simple as possible?

I absolutely love this story.  It shows the depth of consideration, love and understanding for what his daughter was going to face.   It is simply inspirational.

Now I think it is time to focus on setting my affairs, and others around me too, in order.   Even if the plan is not going to be needed for some time, having the bones of it together, ready and accessible is a great step forward from having nothing.  I am thinking that I will take as my starting point the humble Household Planning binder idea, similar to that found at IHeart Organizing.  Clearly it will not have the same content, but the idea of a simple one-stop place containing all the details that will be needed and can be easily duplicated is very appealing.

This may be an ongoing project.  If it seems sensible to share the process as we go through it, I will probably be back with updates.  In the meantime, head off to the GRS story and evaluate your own situation.  Seriously.  Do it.  Now.  Don’t put it off.

Today in history: 1667 – Jonathan Swift was born. (Irish author and satirist)

There are several very nice quotes from Mr Swift, so here they are.

Books, the children of the brain.

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

Every dog must have his day.

May you live all the days of your life.
– Jonathan Swift

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