Crossing the finish line

And there we are.  It is all over for yet another year.  No more last minute blog posts that are cobbled together out of nothing.  No more fretting and staying up late to finish the day’s post.  Peace at last.

I’m pleased that I committed time and energy to doing NaBloPoMo again this year.  It is such a good way to focus attention and improve my observational skills.  I don’t think I did as well as previous attempts, but I’m more than happy with the effort I was able to make.

So what now you ask?
Will Ms Oh Waily fade back into the relative obscurity of random posting schedules?
Truthfully, that is quite possible.  It is not my intent now, but it is still possible that intention will be swallowed up by real life*.

I hope to be with you at least three times a week from now on, covering the usual cast of characters – family, books, and any other random things that catch my eye.
I plan to recreate my life, post-NaBloPoMo and post-house move.  In order to do this I will be spending less of my precious life hours on areas that aren’t building the sort of life that I want.  Gosh, that sounds a bit pretentious.  What does it mean?

For those who see me around various parts of the web quite a bit, I might become a little less visible and a little less participative.  I’ll still be showing up and I will still be taking part, just a lot less frequently and only in my-life-affirming ways**.  I’ve finally come to the decision that life is too short and you should only do what you really love.

I love to read, but I don’t make enough time in my days to do it with any regularity.
I love to write† this blog but only do so in a hit and miss fashion, with no real planning or depth of thought behind many of the posts.
I love running a business, but many of the things I can do remotely get crammed in the corner between looking after the children, the house and my digital addictions.  Or get neglected all together.  I want to change this too.

So, I guess I’m laying out some pre-New Year’s resolutions for myself.

  1. More reading.
  2. More and improved blog writing.
  3. More focus on my business.
  4. Less online time wasting.

At the end of this I hope I will be more in line with myself, if that makes sense.
Thanks NaBloPoMo for giving me this insight and new found focus.  See you next year.

* and inherent laziness.
** yes, it does smack of new-age lingo, but I know what I mean and it’s doesn’t involve long braided hair and tie-dying.
†  I’m showing up on the page, but I’d like to step up from just turning up and writing in a stream of consciousness style.  How I plan to do that is still up in the air.  Suggestions on improving writing style are most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Crossing the finish line

  1. Loved your November blogs and greatly appreciate the effort and thought you put into it. You may see some of them as rushed and cobbled together but they always came across as thoughtful and thought provoking. I too will be trying to stay off here a bit more to do a bit more reading, a bit more crafting, a bit more cleaning and a bit more meaningful time with my gents.

    So yay for you, good luck with resolutions and don’t mind me as I stalk you around the bit of the web we have in common.


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