No More Square Pegs – Rob McKay

Are you responsible for hiring staff?  Do you run a small business and have no clue how to go about hiring new staff members?  Worse still, have you hired people thinking you did a great job until… they turned up to work and started to prove you didn’t?

Well here is your answer.  Rob McKay’s book will put you on the right road.  You still have to take the steps and do the walking yourself, but the route is mapped out for you.

Trust me, this is a fabulous book for those starting out on the recruiting process or trying to tighten up and improve an existing process.  Some years ago I was fortunate enough to attend a talk given by Rob McKay.  Even back then his common sense explanations as to how you end up with great staff and how you don’t made complete sense.
Sadly it has taken until now for me to harness the ideas fully.  Having devoured this book in a little over two days (it is 144 pages) and stolen nearly all the great ideas for our current recruitment process, I can recommend reading this before you begin.

The process is broken down into seven steps.

  1. Preparation
  2. Recruitment
  3. Initial screening and Selecting Out
  4. Employment testing
  5. The structured interview
  6. Reference checking
  7. The decision

Each stage has informative statistics, information and suggestions about how to go about things.  You can quite easily turn the suggestions into workable documents, plans, job descriptions and recruitment methods.  It really does hold your hand without actually doing the specifics for your particular recruitment requirement.

My favourite bit is the acronym used to explain all the components that make up a job – the SKAMPEs.  Skills, Knowledge, Attitude, Mental ability, Personality and Experience.

It is officially on my very short wishlist at Book Depository now.

2 thoughts on “No More Square Pegs – Rob McKay

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Coincidentally I came home to your comment after spending the day in Auckland doing interviews. We have always had two people doing the interviewing, but this time we used your structured approach and boy what an eye opener. The difference in way people respond, or don’t respond despite redirection, was spectacularly observable. Without the structure and the understanding of what the answers should be like, it wouldn’t have been so plainly obvious to us.
      I’ve still got some way to go before I’m a better interviewer, but at least I can see some immediate improvement and understanding of what I’m looking for in a staff member.
      And now you have another blog subscriber – thanks for leaving the link. 🙂


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