Oh Waily Duplo

In a very last minute spirit of Christmas, here is a little bit of Oh Waily seasonal fun.

Miss Oh Waily asked to make a “Christmas Tower” out of duplo.
Here it is.
Duplo Tree

And we can’t forget the little ones, now can we?

Duplo Tree with kids

No doubt you cannot make it out, but that is a star shaped piece of duplo right on top.  I couldn’t quite convince her to put in on one of those pokey out pieces so that we could all see it was topped with a star.  Still, I know it was there.

I hope you all have had a good festive season and that you are already heading in to the new year with lots of vim and vigour.

3 thoughts on “Oh Waily Duplo

  1. That’s awesome! All I’m getting in my ear right now is “I want to make one of those too!” – we don’t have enough Duplo to manage it though!!


  2. Thanks ladies.
    As you can tell, it is a Ms Oh Waily Architectural gem. But it was built by the entire Oh Waily Construction crew (albeit under direct guidance). ;-D

    Bronwyn, you’ll just have to see what mini-Christmas tower can be constructed. In fact, it might be simpler when it’s smaller. 🙂


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