So Why Read Anymore?

I try my best not to just post recommendations here at Oh Waily that say “go read this, you’ll love it”, but today I am going to do something of that sort.

Whether you love the article I am going to suggest, find it heavy going, confronting or a load of rubbish, will be up to you. However, I would like to hear your opinion on it.
As someone who has a love of history and has in fact read a few Greeks in my time, although now lost in the mists of my youth, I loved it.  I’m not up on American politics, and as a rule don’t reflect on things of that nature, so forgive me if this is left-leaning and you are conservative or if you are conservative and this is left-leaning.  No political intent is meant on my part.

The article is called So Why Read Anymore? by Victor Davis Hanson.

I do love his concluding paragraph and the language he uses throughout.  But pithy little comments like this, about instantaneous communication, just made me smile.

to remind us that Twitter or Facebook speed up communication, but can slow down thought.

I would love to quote entire paragraphs, but frankly they are best read in the context of the whole.  I hope you will spend the ten minutes it will take to read it.  If nothing else, it isn’t a one-liner from Twitter or a couple of swift status updates on Facebook, and you may even be inspired to revisit the Classics.

3 thoughts on “So Why Read Anymore?

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, and it’s so true!

    I have a better chance of finding more actual words in a bowl of Alphabet soup than I do in any number of the facebook posts made by my daughter’s friends… Umm, I mean, like, WTF?


  2. LMAO.

    But oh so true. Take this example from a few years ago regarding dumbing us down, at least in a vocabulary and grammatical sense.
    I don’t believe in “the golden age” of yesteryear either, and evolution of many things happens, but even I have limits and standards.


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