Blogging about Books

A friend and I are starting a new blog.  Well. It’s more that we are taking over a blogging endeavour and making it our own.

It is about books and it is collaborative.  We are currently buttonholing and inveigling friends and associates, even random strangers with good taste, who we think would be interested in and good at reviewing books.

If you would like another outlet for your creativity and you think you would be pretty good at reviewing books, then joining our Review Crew might be something you should consider.  Naturally you will get full credit for your work, along with links to your own blog from any reviews that hit the screen with us.

There is a catch.

Of course.

You can choose which books you want to read and write a review for.  The catch is, there is a set list of books to choose from.
Not put off yet?  Do you love Douglas Adams, Paul Auster, Jane Austen, J.M.Coetzee, Margaret Atwood, H.G.Wells or Fyodor Dostoevsky?
Then perhaps you should leave me a message or drop me an email if you are slightly intrigued by the idea.

I’m currently looking for someone willing to write about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Poisonwood Bible (there needs to be an antidote to my negative review), The Virgin Suicides, Beloved and Thank You, Jeeves.  Other titles can be provided to willing victims volunteers by the wonderful medium of personal email.

We hope to have the blog up and running shortly, but are looking for willing readers and authors now.  This way we can keep up a steady stream of reviews for everyone to read once we are open to the world.

Come join us on this adventure in literature, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

One thought on “Blogging about Books

  1. If your serious about a HGTTG review, then I’d dare say I’m your man. Well, only because the man who actually wrote the book (and would therefore provide a review that would make mine sulk off into a corner, filled with jealousy) is dead.

    Pop me over an email if you’d like to discuss further =)


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