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Genius for Artists

Some days I rue the fact that I have a ridiculous number of blogs in my feed reader.  Then other days, like today, I don’t.

Today I followed through on links from a post by Tim Ferriss of The 4 Hour Work Week and more recently The 4 Hour Body.  It led me to a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on Genius.  Now, I do this creativity lark here at Oh Waily Waily out of a sheer hobbyist enjoyment of taking ideas and experiences out of my head and life and putting them on some virtual paper.  However, I know a few of you take the path of writing a lot more seriously than I.  I thought you might like this.

So enjoy the almost 20 minute talk and I hope when you get to the end you put your Genius in a good spot.  Mine is going to be kept over my left shoulder from now on, as it is an appropriate spot for watching what I’m going to do next.



1 thought on “Genius for Artists”

  1. I love TED talks. Que and I sometimes queue some up to watch after the kids have gone to bed and everything that needs doing has been done. Which hasn’t been in a while actually.


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