Summed Up

Isn’t life just like that?
You buy that funky little yellow car and suddenly in a town where you saw no yellow cars before, the streets now seem crowded with them.

That is the way it is with my further reading about the benefits of home educating my kids.  I suppose it is inevitable, but honestly, some of these articles come from totally unrelated blog links.  Someone, somewhere, is nudging me I think.

So today’s recommended reading for those so inclined, is a short article entitled “12 Most Compelling Reasons to Homeschool Your Children“.  Once again it is from the American experience, but there are enough similarities in our systems to warrant giving it our attention.  It also sums up quite a bit of what I have been trying to articulate through reviewing John Taylor Gatto’s “A Different Kind of Teacher” and the essays found in it.

I promise to stop banging on about this shortly.  Normal transmission of book reviews, cute kids doing stuff and in a very short time, holiday photographs, will be returning.

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