Numbers, numbers and numbers

I recently gave Miss Oh Waily some new maths materials for her to try out.
I have to admit to being a bit dubious about them.  Not that they weren’t good works or that they wouldn’t be a good help for learning to count up to ten, but Miss Oh Waily already does that without blinking.

Still, it was something new, bright and catchy.  So here are some pictures of the works in use.

Lemon Tree Counting
Lemon Tree Counting

As you can see Master Oh Waily was interested in the process.  He’s still too little to do more than play with the pieces and make a mess.  But once he has a bit more control and interest, it should be a nice way to bring numbers in to his world.

Leaf Counter
Leaf Counter

As you can see, the printable has counters as well as leaves or lemons.  You can put a number in the appropriate spot and have the child put the correct number of leaves or lemons on their plant.  Or you can put a number of leaves or lemons and have the child put the correct number on the plant.

One aspect I didn’t appreciate until I used the flower and leaf counter was the opportunity to teach odds and evens.  Like the traditional Montessori method of number cards laid out in a row from left to right with red counters (or your home made equivalent) paired under each number, the ability to see odds and evens is very clear.  Where there are pairs, there is an even number and where this is an extra you have the odd.  Miss Oh got it straight away.

This work is now too young for her, so it will be put in storage for Master Oh when he begins to show an interest.

And the final set of number printables was also too easy for Miss Oh, although she did fudge one.  I think she was just taking short cuts really.  So I may bring it out again to reinforce the counting and identification side of things.  And of course there is now show without Punch, so Master Oh is dutifully showing off the card that he played with.*

Marking them Up
Counting Flowers
Showing off the flowers
Showing off the flowers

And I need to give full credit to the creators of these very lovely printables.
The bright and lovely flower and lemon tree come from Mr Printables.  Sadly I seem to have misplaced the name and source of the lovely little flower printables.  I will keep looking and update this post once I find the original creator.  That’s the downside of having sixty-two Montessori or homeschooling blogs in your reader.  If you know the source or recognise the work, can you please drop me a note to let me credit it properly?  Thanks.

The next installment on the Oh Waily children will be a sandpaper letter game that I created for the little Miss a few days ago.  Simple, but hard at the time.  See you then.

* please excuse Mt Foldmore in the background.  Laundry vs Kids & Numbers – no contest.

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