Yet Another Yellow Car Moment

I opened up my Google+ this morning and what should appear but a nice piece about the education of our children from Zen Habits.  If it shows up on one of the biggest blogs on the internet then it is probably about to become trendy.  If it is, it’ll be the first time in my long life that I’ve actually managed to be vaguely in on the beginning of a trend.

Here is Leo’s opinion about the skills we should be teaching our children.
Turns out that I agree with him.  Turns out that unschooling is growing on me.  Not just because of writings by others, but through thinking about the best way to approach teaching and imparting information to children.  I won’t be abandoning the Montessori ideas though, as they have a great deal of value too.

As for the yellow car metaphor, perhaps this will help you understand my fondness for it.

Yellow Peril
Yellow Peril

Currently living with the Oh Waily grandparents due to lack of child friendly seating.

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