Oh, to be Multilingual

That would be a wonderful thing.  Sadly I am a monolingual with a smattering of very, very old, very out of date French.  I would be lucky to get by traveling, let alone have anything approaching a conversation.  I have spoken about this before, but since we have decided to homeschool the Oh Waily kids, I think now would be a good time to get moving on this idea before they lose the opportunity to learn multiple languages with relative ease.

Today, like all good twists of fate, I came across and read these two posts at Sixtine and The Little Things.  Just what I needed to give me a kick in the pants.  So I have signed up for the Language Challenge 180. I have no idea what to expect, except that for the first few days it is going to be language learning on holiday.  Perhaps a bit more effort on the Fijian for a few days until we return home.

I guess that gives me a good week to figure out exactly what and how we are going to follow through with this.  And how to make it fun for two small children too.
I wonder what my chances are of getting the whole family involved?

Anyway, if any of you monos or bis or multis out there feel the need to work on your language skills, or those of your children, come join in.  The more the merrier, after all.


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