I won something online !

I never win things !  But I just have.  I’m a bit in shock about it, but chuffed as well.

It was a nifty giveaway over at Simple Mom.  It is an app called Treed.
The giveaway was about a month ago, and I’ve been having fun with it since.
It is a very simple, pretty way to organise your ideas, plans and goals.

I know I said I was going to go goal-free this year.  I am standing by that.  What Treed allows me to do though isn’t feed in lots of unattainable goals, it allows me to see the steps needed to get projects completed.  The ability to do this sort of things will still be required this year, especially when the project is something like Home Educating your kids.   This, of course, is actually a process and not a single-point “goal”.

In my comment on the Simple Mom post, I said that it looked like a cross between a To Do List, a gantt chart and a mindmap.  Having now used it, I will stand by that.  It could be used as any of these.  Of course it is a simplified version.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes we don’t need all of the bling to get the task done.

So far I have a number of projects noted down and I am finding it really useful to just do a brain dump of ideas that can be tidied up and grouped later.  No doubt as I use it, I will find things that I’d like to see added to the app, but isn’t that always the way with technology.  At the moment it is a nice simple piece of software that works for me and my needs. (And I have been a MindManager user previously.)

Did I mention that it has a really restful interface?  Not only does it help you to remember, be productive, but it also does so in a peaceful way.

Oh, and I won it !!   Thank you very much Simple Mom and Pas de Chocolat !!

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