Book sale

Just a quick note to those of you who may be book lovers.  My very favourite online book retailer, Book Depository is having a sale.

10% Discount / APMA12 Coupon Code / Book Depository

For those of you in New Zealand you really should take a look at this as an option for your book purchases.  The books are considerably better priced than those found locally, for the most part.  And the very best part – they don’t charge any shipping fees.  Fantastic for those of us at the ends of the earth !

Please note:  Yes, I am an affiliate.  Not that I’ve ever made any money from it.  I’m just letting you know because I really love the service and the cost-savings I’ve made through using them.   Much, much better value in my experience than Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Book sale

  1. Totally agree – love The Book Depository! I ordered 11 books two weeks before Christmas and they all arrived a few days before Christmas Day. Fantastic, really!


    1. I know – they’re really great. I’m waiting for a batch of books as we type. Three classic children’s books at NZ$ 8 each ! I’m so looking forward to actually owning a copy of The Secret Garden. 🙂


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