Books, more books

Following along from my last post about The Book Depository having a sale at the moment, I felt I needed to put one more post out there before moving on.

I have been going on somewhat over at Facebook about how much I am enjoying the book-by-book delivery of my last order – the last book arrived today.  Yes, be thankful if you are not my “friend” there.   And I couldn’t quite contain myself and went shopping online again.  I mean, it’s another 10% off an already ridiculous price for the children’s classics series that I had already ordered.  Ten classics for less than NZ$6 a book !!  And they are not those bargain basement, slightly scary, imprints from some random non-English speaking country. (I have nothing against random, non-English speaking countries, by the way.)

Anyway, after all my public smooching about the books, I thought I should at least let you see what I have been going on about.   Please excuse the quality of the photograph, my usual backdrop was covered top to toe, so I had to improvise.

As you can see the children’s classics are nice Puffins. I think there may be one or more vintage Puffins lining my boxes of books from my childhood. I am now pleased to be adding these to the family hoard.
I’m not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but I am currently reading The Wizard of Oz to Miss Oh in the evenings.  If she could, she would have me read the entire book in one sitting.  I think she is finally getting the hang of listening to books that have a scarcity of pictures.  As you can imagine, I am pleased by this no end.  It means I can start reading the classics as they were written (mostly) rather than relying on abridged picture book equivalents.  It also means lots of new language exposure that picture books just do not give.

Oh frabjous day !

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