The Pukeko Patch

As you will know, if you’ve been hanging around here for a while, the Oh Waily household is going on the adventure of official home schooling once Miss Oh Waily turns six.
Part of the process for doing this involves sending an application off to our Ministry of Education for an exemption from attending school for the child.  This application requires you to state your intentions regarding your child’s education.  I will go into this in more depth when the time comes.

What interests me from this process, and it was nicely raised by another homeschooler on one of my local email lists, is the inclusion of the method of monitoring your child’s progress.  For those homeschoolers who are choosing an informal style of teaching, and therefore are not likely to keep “test papers” or similar, observation generally seems to be the go to answer.  It did not occur to me until I saw her exemption example that what I have been doing as a hobby, blogging about my children’s activities, could also be considered a valid method of assessment and monitoring.   So I plan to use my blogging hobby to good effect.

As part of my exemption in a little over a year’s time I will be including blogging about our goings on as integral to my assessment and observation of Miss Oh’s progress.
I figure it will come in handy should the ERO* suddenly come out of the woodwork and start reassessing homeschoolers.

To this end, I am creating a homeschool blog.  I will put up a link here once it is ready and open for business.  It will have all of the previous posts about things educational that the Oh Waily children have been up to from this blog.  But I have yet to decide on the best way to integrate it with Oh Waily Waily going forward.  No doubt I will work that out in due course.

The Pukeko Patch Homeschool Blog will be open for business shortly.  I hope you will drop in and see what we do all day that helps educate and grow great kids.

* Education Review Office

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