New Homeschool Blog

I’m pleased to say that the offshoot Oh Waily blog about homeschooling the two little Oh Waily kidlets is now open for business.

This morning I posted our welcome mat out and I’m here to invite you to come over and visit us when you have a moment.  From today most things to do with the Oh Waily kids will be posted over at The Pukeko Patch.
They are not being exiled from Oh Waily, they are just expanding to fit their own space. So you will still hear about them here too.

I’ve only just added the very basics to the blog, so expect to see it change and grow over the next short while as I add more relevant information.  Rather like my children, really.

I look forward to seeing some of you over at The Patch.  I hope you all have a great day.

2 thoughts on “New Homeschool Blog

    1. Thanks t.
      As you will know from your own children, it is a continuing project. Silly me has just decided to do some sort of chronicle about it. 😀
      (Oh, and by way of nothing… Dr Who is currently on in the background as I type… the 10th that is, not the 11th… seemed appropriate as I replied to you. Ahhh, small things…)


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