Off the Shelf Update

As it is exactly half way through the year I thought I had better do a quick round-up of this year’s efforts in the Off the Shelf challenge.  As you may remember I am aiming for the Trying level in this challenge.  That would be fifteen books throughout the year.

At the end of January I had already cleared out five books, but now the speed has slowed down considerably.  In the ensuing four months I have read a total of four more books.  These would be Dorian Gray, which I reviewed hereThe Wizard of Oz, which I do plan to review after I have had a chance to see the classic movie; a long time shelf inhabitant, Monkey: A Journey to the West, a review of which will be up at 1001 Books next month and The Forgotten Affairs of Youth, which is another in the Isabel Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith.  I’m not likely to review any more McCall Smith books unless they speak very loudly to me.  They are my soft, warm eiderdown books.  To be cosied up with, but not necessarily talked about.

I have also just brought home another batch of boxes full of books from storage, so between these newcomers and my Angry Shelf, I should be able to dig out another six books before the end of the year.  I wonder which ones I will choose.

So that’s the half-way mark for 2012 – how are your reading challenges going so far?

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