The Midwich Cuckoos – John Wyndham

I have fallen a little behind in my book reviews here.  I am still reading books even though I am only occasionally writing about them.  The latest, as you will have seen, is my rather uncomplimentary review of Stuart Little a couple of days ago.  You will also have to excuse me but I am doing a bit of catch-up on all those books I did not read as a child, but am either reading to my own or trying out for myself.  Yes, it has something to do with this little habit I seem to have developed.

Last Monday I was most remiss in forgetting to link to my latest Wyndham review over at 1001 Books. So here I am, trying to make up for it today.  Head over there to read another happy review of Wyndham.  Now I just need to find a copy of Chocky and Wyndham’s entries in the 1001 Book lists will be done.

Now, lest you think I am only a slave to the list, if you are a Wyndham reader and enjoy other of his works what would you suggest outside of these three?  I would be happy to add any other recommendations to my TBR list.

Or failing a recommendation for a Wyndham, do you have another list book that I must absolutely read because it is fabulous, thought-provoking and not the least bit tedious?  Well, do you?  Enquiring minds would like to hear your opinion.

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