Simple Ideas

You know the simplest ideas are nearly always the best.

The difficulty is keeping those simple ideas in mind and acting on them.  The last two weeks are a case in point for me.  I started to get tired, caught a cold, got grumpy and didn’t exercise or look after myself that well.  No one likes to be around a cranky, short-tempered Mum or wife.  And frankly, the Mum and wife isn’t too impressed by it either.

It is easy to give yourself silly excuses – I’ve got a cold, I can’t exercise, I’m tired (like I’m the only Mum who has had to solo parent for periods of time), I can’t take the time to look after myself…blah, blah, blah, blah, blahhhh.


Thankfully the sensible, thinking part of my brain began to function again and I made these observations… yes, I had caught a cold and vacuuming tired me out, so running wasn’t really an option – but I could have made extra efforts to eat well and maybe take vitamins to help me out until the cold worked itself out.
I’m tired?  Well, go to bed earlier with a book and listen to some soothing music until you fall asleep.  Get some Vitamin Sun and more fresh air, that’ll help you sleep at night.  Maybe try that meditation thing that people keep talking about.  It might help with all those work related stresses that seem to be unending at the moment.  Get your sorry behind out of bed a bit earlier and do the Morning Pages again, it is only 20 minutes out of your day after all.

All this and more can help deal with life’s slumps.  You’re clever enough to work it out, just take the blinkers off and actually take a good hard look at yourself.  Seriously.  Suck it up.

So, today I went back to the gym.  It hurt.  I only managed 4k of running, but I did it.  Probably won’t be walking tomorrow, but hey it felt good – in my head – to have rejoined the land of the exercisers.  I missed it.  Badly.
I’m in the middle of planning better meals for the coming week and I’ve hit the vitamin bottle again for a bit of extra fortification.  I’m planning to take the kids on a nature walk over the weekend so I should get a dose of Vitamin Sun, and I may even give the Powerade Challenge a shot if my legs aren’t jelly tomorrow.
I will be hitting the sack earlier this week with one of several good books by my bedside* and starting my Morning Pages again this weekend.

So, those simple ideas are my answer to a slump.
What do you do when things get on top of you, either physically or mentally?
I’d love to add some more simple ideas to my repertoire.

* more on those later.

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