Experiences or Things

Before we kick off with the main event of this post, I just wanted to note that there are nearly 900 blogs in this year’s traditional NaBloPoMo month.  I’ve read down the list and I’ve subscribed to fourteen of the most interestingly titled (to me) blogs.   It reinforced for me the fact that when you start out blogging it really pays to give some thought to your blog name.  Bob Smith’s Blog just doesn’t cut it.  It may be accurate, but it’s not inviting me to come visit.  Jazz it up people, jazz it up.
Anyway, if you want to expand your reading why not head over to the NaBloPoMo blogroll and see if something jumps out at you?

Now, what I really wanted to talk about…

Today’s post is a question, “Which are you, an Experience Person or a Thing Person?”

Me, I’m predominantly an Experience Person.
I do have the odd dabble in the Thing sphere too, but that’s mostly for the kids and the house.  Oh, and books would be high up there if I had unlimited funds.

Give me a nice substantial lottery win and what would you find me doing with the money?  Some of it, a relatively small part of it, would be spent on updating all those things that really haven’t been thought about for a goodly number of years.  Some new clothes, maybe buy a new house on a quieter street, that sort of thing.  A flashy Mercedes or BMW in the driveway?  Nope.  Daily ventures to the shopping mall? Nope.  Changing clothes with each passing fashion trend?  Nope.

Come see me a few months after the replacement things had been sorted out and ask me where the remaining money (or interest from the money) was going and the answer would be really simple – experiences.

Unrestored Part of the Great Wall of China near Sematai.
Photo by Saad Akhtar

Travel would be highest on the list.

There are just so many interesting places to visit and only one life to get around them all.  I’m not sure if I could bring myself to be a total nomad, but funds willing, I’d give it a darn good try.
The other side of the travel coin would be the experience of living, even for a short while, in another culture.  I would be very happy to indulge myself in that experience.

And then there is all the wonderful food to be tried out.  Travel and eat, eat and travel.  Sounds like a recipe for a blissful life.
Once settled however, there is the joy of trying new restaurants and interesting ingredients.  Even if we were not to venture far from home there are always an array of interesting places waiting for you to indulge your tastebuds.  I think I’d be in line for that.

Once all that travel and glut of food had landed squarely on hips and thighs my next stop in the experiences department would be of the personal trainer type.  Someone to kick my newly fattened up backside into good enough shape for a half marathon, followed by a marathon, followed by a triathlon.  Perhaps adding the somewhat unlikely to be attained goal of actually seeing my abdominal muscles for the first time since I was probably 8 or 9 years old and as skinny as a whippet.

Then finally, the experiences would move in to the more mundane and homely.  Maybe I’d like the experience of having someone else clean the house and mow the lawns and keep the garden looking fabulous.  But to enjoy that I would need a few things first… a swimming pool, a fabulous sun lounger on which I would be stretched out reading one of my 1001 Books or Booklitzer 200 Books and a gardener who has more than a passing resemblance to Hugh Jackman (X Men body, please).  Hmmm.  That sounds just about right.  Oh, and did I mention the personal chef?  No?  Well, just add him in to the mix too.

Not expecting much from my experiences am I?

How about you?  Things or Experiences?

5 thoughts on “Experiences or Things

        1. Oh no, no, no…
          you cannot frequent the pointy bearded one’s outlet of food. The fries are just too limp to dip in ice cream. It requires the razor thin and crispy and unbendable variety purveyed by the big red-footed outlet of food.
          Egads !


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