I haven’t been posting much here about how my running journey has been going.   I’ve been using Fitocracy to post and store my workouts online instead.  I’m not hard to find if you want to see what I’ve been up to.  Look for the green frog.

Anyway, far be it for me to turn my NaBloPoMo into a month of bloggy whinging, but I really need to have a bleat and you get to join me.

My running has been going rather well, for me.  Thanks for asking.
I’ve been running three times a week, on and off, for a few months now.  I even manage to keep the distance at about 5km per run.  At least, I was keeping it at 5k, three times a week.  Until about two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I ran three times.  I increased the distance to 6k per run.  My left achilles protested, but I thought it was just being a whimp and needed to warm up some more, so I ran through the discomfort*.  It wasn’t like my leg was falling off or anything, after all.
This happened on each of those three runs, but by the third one I was thinking that maybe something was actually going on and that I’d have to {gasp} stop my run without hitting my minimum distance (5k).  Horror of horrors…. Noooooooo, my brain screamed.  I had worked so hard to get to this distance at something more than fast walking pace, I was NOT going to give that up for some soft tendon.

Then a funny thing happened.  Only, it wasn’t so funny.
Later that day my left achilles began to ache.  Really ache.  It wouldn’t stop.  Oh crap!
I had finally gone and done it – run through an injury, albeit without realising it.  Something I thought highly unlikely as I had always thought my pain threshold would have me rolling on the floor before any real damage could be done.

Hah !  I laugh in the face of pain.

And now I am in intermittent discomfort.  I haven’t run or, other than one attempt at upper body weights, exercised for the past two weeks and it looks like it will be even longer still before my rotten little achilles has decided it no longer needs to control my exercise regime for me.

Someone has to say it, so I will…

my achilles heel has become my exercise goals’ achilles heel.

If anyone knows of a way to warm up that doesn’t involve putting stress on my ratbag tendon so that I can actually continue to do some exercise, I’d love to know about it.  The rowing I did as my warm-up the other day didn’t seem to be free from issues.
And no, I haven’t been to a doctor yet.  I’ve been around the block, from a sports and fitness point of view, long enough to know fine well that I have probably managed to give myself a case of achilles tendonitis.  I managed this once before when I was a fit and frantic teenage sports nut.  The cure back then?  Rest it.

Resting it I am doing, if you exclude all the walking and chasing involved in having children.  Anti-inflam rubs, I am doing.  Next step may be ice packs if it doesn’t start sorting itself out shortly.  Then maybe off to the doctors after giving it some more time.

While running through the discomfort and lack of flexibility (even when young) in this area is the most likely cause, I am also slightly suspicious that it happened right around the time when I began wearing a new pair of boots with slightly higher heels than usual.

What this all leads to is frustration.  I want to be exercising.  I don’t want it to be my nice new, expensive, boots causing the problem and did I mention…. I really want to be running again !

If I roar in frustration on the internet and no one reads my blog post, does it make a sound?  Just wondering.

Is anything frustrating you at the moment?  If so, misery loves company, tell me about it !

* is this sounding familiar, you regular runners out there?

3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I had something similar a couple of years ago, and a new pair of running shoes was all I needed…hope it’s that simple for you! There are a couple of yoga poses that are great for stretching out the achilles and increasing flexibility; there are some good videos online to show you the proper technique.
    I’m frustrated at not having the inclination to exercise right now!


    1. Doesn’t it just stink !
      In fairness my running shoes are probably older than my children and have been borderline for some time. I had been hoping to go the Vibram route since I have never been called out as a supinator or pronator by the “we use science to choose your shoe” shops. I don’t run lots of miles, as you can see, so I thought I had a chance at the barefoot option.
      While I could compete for New Zealand in the hip flexibility games, I am about as stretchy as cold chewing gum in the achilles area. And this isn’t an age thing either. I have always, from mid-youth, struggled to lengthen & stretch this tendon. Now I get to add in a certain maturity of age and wham, I’ve just got a whole bunch of trouble stored up. Badly executed Downward Facing Dog here I come. Well, once the ache stops.

      And commiserations on your lack of enthusiasm for exercise. Blame those post-baby hormones…. for as long as you can…. 😉
      Or you can join me in planking my way through this frustrating time. Goal: 60 minutes a month. November stands at a whopping 1m 05s. 😀


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