The arrival

I have been waiting weeks for this.

For the past week and a half I have been convinced that it had disappeared into the postal black hole never to be seen by human eyes again.  I was worried.  I paced the driveway.  I checked the letterbox twice each morning and twice each afternoon, and once of an evening just in case.  One never knows when the postman will be cycling by.

Today it arrived.

Ta da….

The new book

This will be my reading companion for the next year (probably) or however long it takes me to make my way through it.  If you’re a 1001 Books reviewer, you might want to ramp up your contributions to cover for my absence, buried up to my eyeballs in this classic*.

España here I come.

* Did you know that it was voted the greatest book of all time by The Nobel Institute?  Oh, and apologies for the rough photo – phone camera, late at night, not taken by Snowden, etc.

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