Art, retail or paleontology?

Today the Oh Wailys went to Te Papa for the afternoon.
I thought I would share the usual haunts with you, plus a couple of new items that may be adding themselves to the kids’ regular visit list from now on.

You may have already worked out that Miss Oh Waily is something of a techno-chick.  She loves to get her hands on any sort of technology, so it’s no surprise that when we hit Te Papa she heads for a couple of the computer activities up at the Inspiration Station on level 4.  This is their usual first and most favoured stop.


Here is the self-portrait that she was working on when I made her stop long enough for you to see the front of her head rather than the back.

Self Portrait

Clearly she shares someone’s sense of art, I’m just not sure whose.

I wasn’t so successful in turning Master Oh Waily around for a photograph, so you will have to be doing with the back of his head.
That rather hideous and, in my opinion, scary looking baby behind the bars is one of the feature attractions at the Inspiration Station for my kids. My question: ‘What do you want to go see this time?’ Their answer: ‘The baby, the shaky house and the drawing computer.’

Scary baby

And, as my blurry photograph below proves, the baby involves action. Lots of levers for hands large and small to push and pull. So it is actually possible to make this hideous entity even more evil and vile with a flick of the wrist and push of the arm.

In action

In the same section you can also let your children pretend to run a shop or a dairy. Master Oh decided that perhaps he would like to do that today, with the old-fashioned till and a small basket full of fake plastic foodstuffs. There’s business-minded genes in that there child.

A retail future?

Just outside the Inspiration Station next to some seating for weary travellers, there is a new little bit with this famous painting mocked up. I couldn’t resist, so here for your viewing pleasure is Ms Cook and Mstr Cook. And for comparison, here is the original.

Ms Cook

Mstr Cook

After this we headed to the cafe for some much needed refreshments and then outdoors to dig for dinosaurs. Maybe I might manage to pass on my unhealthy interest in the past to my two offspring…

Could I convince my girl to be a paleontologist, perhaps?


The lad certainly ended up enjoying the tactile fun that is grovelling around in dusty gravel looking for a mosasaur*.

Digging for dinosaurs

And the two of them in the pit looking at their handy work. And it was hard work apparently judging by the littlest family member’s need to lie down.

In the Pit

All in all, a successful outing to the museum was had by everyone.

* albeit a concrete one. 😉

2 thoughts on “Art, retail or paleontology?

  1. Looks like an awesome day out. Ms Cook even managed to look wind swept like the original…ha ha. Looks like a lot of fun for small kids there.


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