Today I’m happy because…

but for a chance encounter at Wednesday morning’s daycare I would have continued to pay a huge amount of money for my children’s very nice shoes.
While waiting for the teachers to open up, another mother and her son came to our little corner of the gym.  In a small world moment, we noticed that her son and mine were wearing the identical pair of shoes.  That got us talking about how they last a whole year before they are grown out of, and seem to be completely indestructible.  Then she happened to ask me where I bought mine from and I told her the name of a very reputable store in Wellington that has a great range of kids shoes.  She then told me that she bought hers online at a fraction of the cost of that particular store, even with shipping added in.  I thanked her for that information and later that day visited Amazon and there they were, and what a price.  I kid you not, once I had measured up my precious ones feet and submitted the correct sizing for the upcoming year, I was able to buy a pair each for about $20 more than I would have paid for one pair of shoes.  That’s including the cost of express shipping (as I wasn’t sure where we would be in 18 working days time).  Ridiculous.   I feel ever so sorry for the local retailers when this is going on.  But two shoes for the price of one !!  It’s a no-brainer.

I had written off Amazon as a purchase option as the cost of shipping seemed to put them out of the ballpark, but from now on I will double check before doing so.

For the record, the shoes in question are KEEN Whisper Sandals.  Miss Oh chose the pink ones unsurprisingly, while Master Oh chose the Ceramic* colour.

Then this morning I went off to Warehouse Stationery and indulged my slight OCD tendencies in the organisational, box everything up possible, department and purchased another batch of magazine files.

Not for magazines mind you.  That would be too obvious.  No.  I purchased them for storing various items and planned activities for our homeschool.
For example, the number of kiddie science, maths and history/geography books I have from the library at the moment beggars belief and piles of books all over the place do not a tidy and restful house make.  But add in a bright and cheery magazine file to stack them in until they are in use and you have, well, a feeling of tidiness and organisation**.To these files I will be adding nice little, cute  My Organized Chaos labels.  It just makes me happy.

And while indulging myself, I also picked up an A5 ringbound notebook that I am hoping to encourage Miss Oh Waily to use as a sort of journal/writing practice book.  She is still copying the odd library book, so I was going to see if having a lined notebook for her to do this in would inspire her to write regularly.

And the final thing that I am happy about this morning is the fact that, even though I should be at the gym running, the frustration of not being able to do so is more than made up for by the fact that I am getting some me time all to myself in the mornings.  I get to do this bloggy thing in peace, in daylight and before my normal bedtime.  I get to wander around the odd shop and look at things without wondering where small people are, what they are fiddling with and will I have to repeat “no, you can’t buy that” over and over again to all the bling set out to blind them into consumer panic buying.  (Did I mention that Miss Oh Waily has the best part of three months of pocket money sitting in her “Spend” jar?  Not sure if that’s down to her, or the fact that I don’t “do” shopping as a sport or time filler.  Perhaps both.)

So despite the fact that Mr Oh Waily has to head up to Auckland tonight for another weekend job tomorrow, all is pretty well right at our place.

How about you?  What are you happy about today?

* Where do they come up with these colour names?  Seriously.

** So this is really a mental trick to make me feel in control of our homeschool, eh? 🙂

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