As you will be well aware, Sunday is pancake day in our house.  This morning, however, we started the day off with an early visit to the fruit and vegetable market in town.  We were done with the shopping by 8am and then went for a walk around the waterfront and up to Waitangi Park where the kids played on the swings, swivel chairs and climbing equipment.  Eventually I convinced them it was time to go home, but on the way back to the car we stopped off at one of the market stalls.

We indulged in crêpes in the French style.  Miss Oh and Master Oh shared a scorching hot lemon and sugar crêpe while I had a nutella crêpe.  Oh it was all down to the memory of having one of these some decades earlier in France.  It started out tasty and chocolatey and ended up super-sweet and ‘oh why did I choose this?’  Still, it was a nice change from our home made variety and the clean up was incredibly easy.

Do you think they enjoyed it?  I know she looks a little worried – that’s because it was hot hot hot and we ended up using the paper plate as a wrap to hold on to it and munch around the much cooler edges.


One thought on “Crêpes

  1. I love crepes. You can get very good ones in the streets of Paris but I enjoy making my own as well. I always get sugar and butter crepes. There are many other great ones but it is the simplest yet best way to enjoy it in my opinion! Nutella crepes are tempting though! Have you ever tried the salted version? With ham, egg, and cheese…it is too die for!


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