Bookish Delight

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of a couple of hours of child-free time.

What did I do with my time?  Blobbed.
Anything else?  Indulged my ever-so-slightly OCD and list making tendencies.

I have finally tidied up my Book Challenge lists here at Oh Waily to actually reflect what I’ve read and linked those with reviews to the actual review post*.  At home I have created, merged and tidied up all of my lists on to one spreadsheet.

And I have added a new sheet for the Torchlight List.  So much for 200 books, it’s rather more like 293 various books, poems, plays and films.  No lack of variety in the list either. I am rather looking forward to the range and diversity of works in this challenge.  Something fresh to sink my teeth in to.

Finally I updated my 2012 completed reading list, adding in the 1001 Books which I had mysteriously not accounted for in my yearly reading goals.   I’m now only two books away from completing my 52 in 52 goal.  I am one book away from my Off the Shelf challenge and find myself having managed to knock off 12 Booklitzers this year so far with a goal of between 10 and 15.
Most surprisingly, although it shouldn’t really be, I have read 20 of the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list.  At this rate it will only take me another 62 years to finish the entire list.  :-/

An hour or so spent in bookish organisation.  Ahhhh.  Nerdish delights.
How was your day?

* Please note some reviews are here, others at 1001 Books, and maybe one or two are over at the Patch.

** Apologies to anyone who got the first version of this post – minus it’s title – it’s all fixed up now.  🙂

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