An Unexpected Journey

No.  I am not talking about tomorrow’s premier of The Hobbit.

The Oh Waily family will be taking an unexpected journey to the hairdresser in the morning after Miss Oh Waily decided that she had had enough of hair that was full of tangles each morning.

Please tell me that all children do this, to one extent or another.  Personally I know I did this to my fringe when slightly younger than Miss Oh.  The night before I was due to have studio portraits taken as well.  I was not quite as gung ho as my darling daughter, but I still have the photographs to prove that hairdressing was never a future career option for me.

So here it is – the chop.


As you can see, a short cropped bob not unlike her mother’s own, will probably be the result of her decision to snip. Certainly less likely to be tangled in the mornings for a while now.  She was not wrong about that.

6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey

  1. Awww, how gutting! I did my fringe too, when I was about seven. So far with my two girls we’re just had teeny tiny areas cut (they’re 5 and 3) But yes, they definitely *all* do it to some extent or other in my experience!


    1. My initial reaction was “what have you done?” I got over that pretty quick when her face began to fall. (Poor little chook.) Then I remembered my efforts as a child, so my head quickly moved in to “it’s only hair and it grows back” and “did you know that mummy cut her hair when she was little too?”.
      I guess I was a bit taken aback by the extent of her cutting. :-O


  2. Ouch! I recall my daughter giving herself quarter inch long bangs on several occasions – the last time of which was this last Halloween as she trimmed her costume wig – while wearing it!


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