And the finish line is here…

Here we are at the final day of NaBloPoMo 2012.  I’ve made it through another year.

This month has reminded me that there is plenty to write about, even if there isn’t quite enough substance to write deep, thoughtful posts, for thirty days straight.  I feel that I should congratulate myself on not subjecting you to too many cross-posts or random photographs.  However I feel like the overall quality of the posts would have fetched me, at best, a C-.  More work required.

I would like to say that this month will lead me to posting more frequently, but I know myself too well now and am going to be fairly honest about it.  I may post more often.  It would be nice to get back on the writing bandwagon and it would be nice to get back to the writing style I had when I first started Oh Waily all those years ago.  I feel like I have lost something of my writing style mojo.  Things feel dumbed down and not quite so observant.  Life has fuzzied up my mental clarity.  Thanks Life !

Now, who had the recipe for the anti-fuzzies spray?  Hmm, must look it up and see how to scrub the moss and mildew off the old braincells.    Given a bit of spring cleaning and I may be vaguely back in the blogging frame of mind.  Wish me luck !

(Oh, and a trip somewhere interesting wouldn’t go amiss in stimulating creativity either!  Just saying Universe, just saying.)

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