Reading habits

I was wondering the other day, as you do, when people read and where.

I know a few of you out there are bookish, and you all know I’m slightly book list driven.  By some sort of miracle, and a good dose of previously unread childrens’ books, I have managed to hit my “52 books in 52” reading target for the year.  I have also managed to reach my goal in the Off the Shelf Challenge and am smack dab in the middle of the range of books for my Booklitzer 200 challenge.

And I really mean that this has all occurred by good luck rather than good management.  I am rather surprised and pleased that I have hit all three targets.  Personally I thought it unlikely to hit more than one.  This lack of confidence is well founded.  I do not have a regular reading routine.  I prefer to read in bed, which is a hangover from being a child and wasting spending whole weekend days reading from waking until I could be bothered getting up for food and then heading back to my book again.

This preference leaves me very little “space” in my day that fits my ideal reading conditions.   Mr Oh Waily is not fond of me reading well in to the night.  In fact he is only barely tolerant* of it.  For him retiring to bed is retiring to sleep, not a starting point for a night of page turning.   This means a staggered bedtime if I want to get any decent amount of reading in to my day.

Add to this the fact that the children do not always co-operate and head off to their beds at a decent hour, and if I wish to spend any of this valuable reading space on the computer writing or reading (or, confession time, playing games) then the already slim margin of time available shrinks even further.

Yes, it is indeed something of a miracle to have managed on average a little more than a book per week for the entire span of 2012.  If I was being brutally honest, it was only the looming deadlines and commitment I had made to the 1001 Books Blog, (along with my nightly reading to my daughter), that made this miracle possible.

So, dear reader, what is your strategy for fitting in all the aspects of your life?  Do you chip out small corners of reading time, or do you boldly force other things to fold and bend themselves around your books?

As for 2013, there will be more reading goals to come.  There will be the ongoing commitment to the 1001 Books Blog, the nightly reading of the wicked Dahl, and a new list of books to tempt me into other places and ideas.  How, and if, I will manage to repeat this year’s performance is yet to be seen.  Suggestions for strategies are most welcome.  Anything to get this snail-pace reader through another mini-mountain** of books this coming year will be gratefully accepted.

* in a nice way, usually.  Just don’t try to have extended reading hours when he needs to get up earlier than normal for work.
** in my world it’s a pretty good sized mountain actually.


2 thoughts on “Reading habits

  1. I am thoroughly unorganised when it comes to reading too. I know I waste too much time but haven’t quite worked out how to fit it in properly – much like I haven’t quite worked out how to fit in filling in the daily forms to see where my wasted time is! When I worked I had over 2 hours on a bus a day, three days a week. Blissful reading time! I’m also a bedtime reader but find myself crawling into bed exhausted most nights – small children do that to you though! I keep telling myself that I’ll have more time “when the children are older”… But I really need to do something now. Maybe I’ll join a challenge for next year too 🙂


    1. Haha, you made me laugh with this…

      haven’t quite worked out how to fit it in properly – much like I haven’t quite worked out how to fit in filling in the daily forms to see where my wasted time is!

      Sadly I know where my wasted time is spent, I just need to rearrange my priorities and stop doing those things. 😦

      Ah the trip to work was always a good option (unless you were the driver, of course). I did the same when I spent an hour each way going to university on the bus and the train.

      As for challenges, it looks like I will have four on the go this coming year, but that’s okay – it keeps me from getting bored with my choices. 😀 Flibbertigibbet? Who’s a flibbertigibbet?


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