Welcome to the New Year

I hope that everyone is now safely and happily in 2013.

Last year was quite a year in the Oh Waily household.  Looking back on it, we crammed quite a bit in and made a number of big decisions.  Hopefully 2013 will be a little less full* but still productive and interesting.

Frankly I was pretty done in by the end of the year.  I’m really not quite sure how I stumbled my way through December at all.  But, now with a week or so of holiday under my belt, things are starting to perk back up again.  And, as always at the beginning of a New Year I find myself looking at turning some new leaves over.  Not truly resolutions any more, they are more like changes or re-establishment of positive habits.
I have sorely missed my running, and I think the lack of it is partly the cause of my end-of-year-itis.  So, achilles willing, I plan to get back on top of that fabulous habit as soon as I can tie up my shoelaces (bless my gym & their partial opening hours over Christmas & New Year).

There are going to be some experiments in lifestyle change for the Oh Waily adults this year, in an attempt to improve work/life balance and stress levels.  By the year end we will, hopefully, be officially homeschooling Miss Oh Waily and my skills at proposal writing will have impressed the MoE enough to get the tick without lots of question answering.  We are also all looking forward (and have been since April 2012) to our annual holiday to Fiji.  The kids have been asking to go for nearly two months straight now.  I love their enthusiasm, I just wish Master Oh could grasp the concept of delayed gratification, because explaining why we can’t go now over and over again starts to wear think.

The final habit is to create a more consistent reading practice.  I have committed myself to keeping up the 1001 Books blog again for 2013.  This is no small commitment as anyone who sets a regular posting schedule will understand.  It is doubly difficult because it is volunteer based and therefore the reviews come intermittently, meaning that the editors need to commit to producing at least one review every two weeks.  Frankly my reading speed and the time set aside for it has not been an advantage.  I’m slow and sporadic.  I don’t know how I managed to get through the entire year other than by having a generous supply of earlier reviews.  So, if you love to read and you write well about it, and you are willing to completely commit to one review a month, I’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email here.

In keeping with my love of lists, and my determination to get through the 2013 book blogging year, I have signed up for another Off the Shelf Challenge.  I will also continue on with my Booklitzer 200 Challenge and will aim to hit around 30 of the 1001 Books List.  I’ve created, for the first time, a list of books I want to get through.  No doubt I will hit some and miss others, but at least I have predefined target books for the year.

Want to see the books on my 2013 list?  Click here.

How about you?  Are you doing resolutions, starting new habits or ignoring the whole new of New Years?  I’d love to hear from you.

* that’s the introvert / need for quiet time person in me talking.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Year

  1. I’ll be writing my plans for the year tomorrow, but I just had to comment because I love how global the blogging world is – there’s still 30 minutes of 2012 left where I am, we’re so behind in the UK! 😉

    Reading more is something I definitely want to do in 2013, so I may be joining you in some challenges! If I manage to write reviews of any on the 1001 list I will send them your way too.

    Happy New Year!


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