A new tradition

Photograph by apparena

So, who is up for guessing where this is?

Well, it’s where Mr Oh Waily is currently. I know where he is staying doesn’t look a thing like this, because he is there for work. I know he is not lounging around in a lagoon that is clear and beautiful, because he is there for work. I know that it probably doesn’t have that sunkissed glow either, as thunderstorms have been forecast for the past week.
I do know that he will need to be rehydrating a lot, and not with a beer bearing the image of a hei wearing lady my dear, after work because the temperature is roughly between 23 and 30° celsius.  And we all know that it is hotter than Hades despite what the Met Services of the world tell us.

So in Mr Oh Waily’s absence I have started a Ms Oh Waily tradition.

Wine* and Movie night.

That would be, so far, a classic movie plus a nice glass of red wine to accompany it.  This is how I plan to spend the evenings of the almost two weeks that Mr Oh Waily is away on this particular trip.  Or until I run through my home library of classics (and wine).  Then we will need to move on to Red Dwarf and Blackadder before finally working my way through the back catalogue of Jacky**/Jackie Chan movies.

So far my tradition has included Roman Holiday***, Funny Face, Sabrina and Casablanca.

Prepare for more Audrey, as I have the boxed set.  I wish I had more Bogart, especially The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen and To Have and Have Not.  I may be able to fish out my Hepburn/Grant/Stewart classic – The Philadelphia Story – as well.  I just loved Ruth Hussey in that one, such a great supporting cast.

I’ll bore you with an update of films revisited in a few days.  In the meantime, anyone want to have a stab at the current location of Mr Oh Waily?  Go on – drop a quick comment if you think you know – it’s nice to hear from you.

* So I am going to sound a bit like an old soak, but isn’t the blogging world about baring your inner person?  Nah, but every mother who has had to do solo parenting duty for any extended period of time without outside support knows exactly where I’m coming from on the glass of wine.  Just organise an intervention when I start talking about Movie night and a Bottle of wine, okay?  Promise?

** Yes, I own DVDs that are of movies so old he was billed as Jacky.  Bless.

*** Where I fell in love with Gregory Peck, yet again.  *Sigh*

p.s.  Yes, I know the post title is something of an oxymoron.  Let your inner grammar Dalek take a tea break. 😉

6 thoughts on “A new tradition

  1. Yes my dear, it does not look anything like that where I am.
    And yes, it is hotter than Hades. . . Hades does not have fully enclosed lifeboats sitting out under the hot hot sun.
    But I like the tradition, can I join in when I’m away next (But am still at home)?


    1. Indeed, you call them enclosed lifeboats in the sun, I call them mobile sauna and sweatshop.

      As for the tradition, you may be considered for inclusion as long as donations to my DVD library continue. I shall compile a list. 🙂


    1. I think I must agree.
      Although I do quite like Grant in To Catch a Thief. And the farce of Bringing up Baby.

      And we must not mention that travesty *ahem* High Society in the same breath. Kelly vs Hepburn… simply no comparison.


      1. I almost did just that, and then decided against it. Truly, you chose Crosby over Sinatra? When in all reality, it would have been Armstrong who won the girl any way!


        1. At least Grant & Stewart were closer matched. Crosby? Indeed. Rather reminds me of Hepburn & Astaire in Funny Face. Good on their own, but so wrong on so many levels together.

          As for Louis… I have a big soft spot for him, especially when he worked with Ms F. That was a great pairing. 😀


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