The Bookshelf

So.  Three months ago I ordered a bookshelf from an online store.  It was “in stock” according to the site and I looked forward to receiving my new storage solution within a couple of weeks.

Not quite how things panned out.

Four days later I received an email saying they were out of stock.  Not a good start.
A new order was placed and I could expect that to arrive a little short of a month later.
But wait.  On the day it is supposed to arrive I received an email telling me there had been delays and that it will be at least another week and a bit.
Anyone getting a theme on this?

I got quite busy (it was the pre-Christmas season) so it took me nearly two weeks after the new arrival date to follow up with “what the heckity is going on?”  The next day I got an email saying it was being despatched that day.  I also received a phone call, but my memory fails on whether it is that day or one either side, which asked to confirm delivery details.  This was two days before we were scheduled to head north for our work do and Christmas with the families.  So I put the delivery off until the first working day of the New Year when I was certain we would be home.
Foolish girl!

We had a nice night out at the dogs with work, and a week and a bit with the respective Oh Waily families.  On returning home my mind turned once again to my mystery bookshelf.  So on the 7th of January I emailed once again to find out if it had been shipped out to me.  (Most retailers are generally open by then.)  Didn’t hear anything so re-sent a couple of days later.  Apparently the person I was trying to contact no longer worked for them, so I was once again floating in space.  I gave them another five days (I know.  I’m a saint.) before sending another “Hey, have you forgotten me?” email.  To which I received an email that said: “Oh my goodness I have finally tracked down your order.”  and “The delivery company will be collecting your order this afternoon.”

I think that summed it up for all of us really.  So, it was on it’s way then, hurrah?

Hah.  Don’t get carried away with yourselves.  Just because it was found and she thought it was being picked up does not mean it was anywhere near the shipping company, nor my home.  At this point the emails ceased and the telephone calls started.  I am phoned a few days later to say that a box (there were two) was not sent with my shipment – and it will be sorted out and sent on.  They will also keep me up to date with it, and they are very, very sorry for it being such a mess.

Yeah, not as much as I am.

Three months after placing my online order a miracle occurs.  A nice delivery man phones me one morning and asks if I will be home at 10am so that they can deliver two packages to me.  I say, “maybe”, and he says “is there somewhere we can leave it if you aren’t?”, and I tell him “yes, leave it by the back porch door”.  Lucky for me, even though I have to go out, when I return there is the van parked on the road by our driveway and as I pull up, there is the delivery guy with box #1 on his hand truck.

I almost did a little happy dance.

Here is what all the waiting and emailing and phoning was about…

The blank wall where the bookshelf was destined to go.

The Blank Wall

The audience who wanted to watch me in Bob the Builder mode.
The Audience

Almost there, almost…
IKEA-ing it

In it’s final resting place.
Up and Ready to Go

And almost full of books in one hit.
The Almost Finished Product

I plan to put baskets in the bottom row, but for now they remain semi-empty and a bit of a playground for the kids.

I LOVE the bookshelf. It’s a great price for what it is, even including the ludicrous shipping cost from Auckland to Wellington. And, despite the instructions saying that it needed two people to construct, clearly one slightly un-DIY woman can manage on her own. Albeit with a fair amount of sweat (it was stinking hot the day I made it up) and some cursing regarding screwing things together, and a nick or two on the hands from all the manual pushing and shoving required.

Oh, and by way of finishing up the service story, I have been offered a $50 voucher for my troubles. Better than a kick in the pants, and having employed less than fabulously organised people and tried to ship things in before Christmas myself, I am inclined to be a bit que sera sera over the whole delivery fiasco. If you can go in to their showroom and walk out with your furniture, you will be very happy. Not so sure I can recommend them for online shopping though.

And for the record, it’s only full of children’s books.  The adult Oh Wailys’ books are still stuck in their boxes until I can find another wall big enough to repeat the process.  And then it would require the next size up of shelving unit.  (And it’s a good thing it is so deep, I can see us needing to double-depth some of the books shortly.)

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