Are you feeling it?

You should be.  I think one post a month certainly constitutes it.

Life goes on in the Oh Waily household.  There would be plenty to write about if I could be bothered sitting down and writing about it.  Then again, it’s fair to say that there is also quite a lot of tiredness in the Oh Waily household these days, so the blog going by the wayside is a pretty obvious response.

Which is sad.

I like writing.  Really.
Not that you’d know if from the great black hole that this blog has become.

Just to prove I still love you all; yes, even you cowering timidly in the corner over there, not brave enough to leave a comment of any sort; here is an actual post.  It is bookish, naturally, and it is listish – also, naturally.  I have been keeping busy, just not here.
I promise you my beloveds, I have not forgotten you and I will post something passing for ‘a day in the life’ shortly.  No doubt it will be about my newest love – “the outdoors” and walking therein.

In the meantime, this will be my supplication for forgiveness over my abandonment of you all.

Book Reviews.  Yes, a fair few this year so far.  None of them here though.  You need to go over to my sister-in-law* blog – 1001 Book to Read Before You Die – if you want to keep up with my reading habit.
If you have really missed me and my book reviews (you poor, lost soul) then you can click on this link here and work your way back through my contributions to the blog.  If you really can’t be bothered with all that, or need a better reason to skim through all five pages of them, here’s a list of the books reviewed by me this year and links directly to them.  Do you love me or do you love me?  I take all the work out of it for you.

And beginning my continuing love affair with the various classic spy and/or private investigator novels…

And finally getting off, briefly, the spy-PI-go-round for an absolute classic…

On a small footnote to this last work, should you be looking for old style, wonderful poetry for children then you really should read “A Childs Garden of Verse” by the very talented Mr Stevenson.  Very Victorian, but very evocative.

And there ends the book list for 2013, so far.  I have another spy novel sitting on the bedside table, and hopefully it will be finished for reviewing next week**.   Yet another yummy le Carré work and the last on the list, darn it all.  Lucky for me there is one more Raymond Chandler and as an all-powerful Editor I can nudge others aside for the books of my choice, bwahahaha….  (oh dear, it appears I’ve been infected by Edward Hyde’s evil…help….me….    please…………..)

* metaphorically speaking.  The lovely lady editors there are no relation, but I’d be happy if they were.
** Anybody else keen to review a 1001 Book?  Jump over to the blog and check out the Join the Review Crew page – we could really do with one or two more regular contributors.  It’s fun.  I promise.  There is plenty of “light” reading on the list that still need readers & reviewers.

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