A short thought

Very short.

I was just updating my completed reading list for this year so far and I noticed a very unsatisfactory trend.  I am reading, on average, three books a month.  Those books are nearly all “quick reads”, easy and short.

I have been feeling quite out of sorts for a little while.  Here is another ‘in your face’ hint that my life is currently out of kilter.  I feel a rebalancing coming on.  A reassessment, even.  A dropping of those activities that are not affirming the person I am and in fact are taking me into a place that is at odds with who I actually am.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν is a useful thing to remind yourself of every now and then.  I have been neglecting it to my detriment and it is time to revisit it, get my priorities in order and move forward.  No doubt I shall write more on this as I figure out what has been going on and what I’m going to do about it.    (I can feel a list coming on…. OCD? Moi?)

3 thoughts on “A short thought

  1. Good on you Lynn. I have to reassess what I’m reading too because a lot of it I’m not enjoying as much and feeling obligated to finish which is making me not want to read at all 😦 So I’m going to find some bubblegum, fun, just-for-me reads and hopefully that puts me back on the right track. And as for the other stuff, good on you being able to identify it! I would have no clue as to what I need to cut out or back on.


    1. It is a failing (strength?) of my personality type that I do “know thyself” very well after all of these years of inwards navel gazing. I have just tried to ignore what I know because finding similar-styled people has proved to be, for the most part, pretty much a non-event. That leads to doing things you don’t enjoy so much and down paths of extreme compromise. Life’s too short. Compromise never hurt anyone, but too much and it can make you pretty darned unhappy. :-/


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