Where in the world is Waily?

A couple of days ago I took the Oh Waily kids for an afternoon wander and on our way back I took this snap of Miss Oh Waily with an armful of treasures that ‘just had to come home for her seashell collection’.


It’s no real secret that this stretch of the Wellington coastline is my current favourite place to go when I have the time.  I can’t remember if I’ve said why, so forgive me if I’m repeating myself*.

The things I love about this walk…
– I get to see the sea for the entire length of it.
– I get to hear the wind, the birds and the waves – and not much else for 2+ hours**.
– I get to see the ferries and container ships enter the harbour.
– I get to stop at a choice of lighthouses, should I choose to.
– I get to walk around a lake, should I choose to.
– I get to take photographs, should I choose to.
– I get to be by myself and spend a few good hours living in my own head. Priceless.

Yesterday I walked for a smidgen over 4 hours, plus a short amount of time for my lunch stop.  This time I walked to the most northerly part of Lake Kohangapiripiri† and took some photographs around there as well as a rather odd derelict structure on the beach just around the bay from the lower Pencarrow lighthouse.  If anyone local knows what it is, I’d love to know too.

When I got back I had fun doing the post-processing.  I’m still trying to find my own aesthetic, so there will be quite a bit of variation in the look of the photographs that turn up here.  Currently I’m doing a lot of work with HDR processing.  So, here are some photographs to share.  Apologies, as usual to those who may have seen them elsewhere.



The Path Ahead

The Lake and the Sea

And at the end of the walk, what better than a chocolate gelato and a mochaccino? Seriously?

* it’s a definite senior trait that I’m beginning to suffer from these days.
** and with small, very talkative children in the house, this is balm for a buzzing head.
† try saying that one fast!

2 thoughts on “Where in the world is Waily?

  1. Hi there. Great pics. Yes the South Coast is one of my favourite trail to go on my bike.
    I always wondered but couldnt find out what that concrete structure was for. And there is long, rough concrete pier/platform extending some 40-50m seaward from the beach near the river. Really curious what that was built for. Have you found out ?


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