Photographic humour

Perhaps I have an odd sense of humour.  I mean to say, I’m about to suggest that you go scroll through a series of photographs of a wooden artist dummy.  You know the ones I mean, I’m sure.

I’ve mentioned this set of photographs before (elsewhere) but each Monday I just get such a laugh out of the latest edition that I feel like I need to say it yet again – they are fabulously clever and often very funny.

Master Oh Waily now asks me to see “Woody” and so I have to scroll through the 300+ photographs of this dummy.  Some are not quite suitable for children, but easily enough explained away (like the latest that I will link you to shortly) in a manner that satisfies my need to be a responsible parent.

So, starting with last Monday’s entry – may I introduce you to Woody, his friends and his creator Nicolas Vallejos.

Have a “Killer day”!  – Woody as Dexter.  Any Dexter fans out there?

666 – the Number of the Beast – for the wicked amongst you.

Boulanger – for those of you, who like me, would live inside a boulangerie if she could.

I could go on, andonandonandon, about Woody.  If you like photography, especially macro works, don’t just scroll through a couple and call it quits.  There are a few “behind the scenes” photographs showing how Mr Vallejos creates some of his clever images.  Well worth it, in my opinion.

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