Hi, my name is Ms Oh Waily and I’m an addict.

A blogging addict that is.  A serial creator of blogs.
I also seem to have become a bit of a photographic addict too.  It turns out that I must carry my camera everywhere I go now.

So what could this lead to?  Yes.  A new blog.
Sorry.  I seem to have a thing about this.

It is called The Impish Iconographer.

I will shortly add an ‘About’ page that explains the choice of name.  You won’t be surprised to find it has a direct relationship to my alter ego Twoflour*.
At the moment it has a single post and most, if not all, of the posts will be single images. I plan to generate enough photographs for two posts a week.  If you follow me elsewhere you will probably be bored for the next little while as I work through posting images I have already taken and shared in other forums.  I may do a monthly round-up post here, but I can’t guarantee that so if you would like to see what sorts of images I’m generating then you might want to consider following along with the Imp.
I hope you do.

* see Oh Waily Waily’s About page.

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