Mid-2013 Reading Challenge Update

2013GRChallengeThe first half of 2013 has whizzed on by and with it a goodly chunk of my reading year.

I’ve been updating my 2013 Reading List page and have seen how few of my stated books I have touched.  Then I realised how silly it had been of me to try to name the books to read throughout the year.  I mean, I do actually read for pleasure, so what if I started to read a book that I found unpalatable?   Do I screw my courage to the sticking-place and keep on with the book?  Or do I set it aside for a time when it and I are compatible reading companions?
Such a choice to make – and how many abandoned books there would be…

So, a revelation.  No more names.  Numerical goals, yes.  Named goals, no.

Lesson learned.

Here’s the précis version of my reading stats year to end of June.

  • Goal: 52 books or more
    • 18 books so far
  • Goal: As many 1001 Books as I can manage (1001)
    • 12 books so far

If you want to see the full list, here is the Reading List page for you to peruse.
I hope you are all making good headway on any reading goals you have set yourself.
See you all at the end of the year.


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