Dear Mojo

Well, there's no avoiding it is there. My reading mojo has taken a hike.  Of the longest and most remote kind.  Instead it is replaced by a getting-out-library-books-to-languish-on-the-bedside-pile mojo and a Book-Depository-buying-spree mojo. Where has my desire to wander through the pages of other people's imaginations gone? If anyone spots it, can they please pat … Continue reading Dear Mojo


Dear Universe,Thank you for listening in on my recent thoughts.Yes, I was bemoaning the pedestrian nature of my current life.  I was feeling out of sorts over the lack of excitement or interesting things going on.  I was, indeed, even having a mini-mid-life self-and-life-appraisal.  But, just for the record, could you please check in with … Continue reading Excitement

Celebrating our latest milestone

I thought I would repost this here in case any of you weren’t followers of the 1001 Blog, but might be interested in entering the competition. Pretty simple stuff – read a book & submit a review for a chance to win.

1001 Books to Read Before You Die

We have celebrated two milestones on this long and interesting reviewing journey and we would like to thank all of our reviewers for getting us there.

Now that we have made our way over the 150 review bump we would like to celebrate this in our usual style.

Here’s the exciting bit of this post.

We are having our latest competition at 1001 Books.  Here is what you have to do, and what you might be lucky enough to win…

Choose an unreviewed* book from the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die lists and write us a review for publication here on the 1001 Books blog.

What you will win?  The 1001 book of your choice, of course !

Now on to the not-so-fine print.
– Multiple entries per person = multiple entries in the draw.
– The book reward will be the paperback version.
– The competition opens today…

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