Dear Universe,

Thank you for listening in on my recent thoughts.
Yes, I was bemoaning the pedestrian nature of my current life.  I was feeling out of sorts over the lack of excitement or interesting things going on.  I was, indeed, even having a mini-mid-life self-and-life-appraisal.  

But, just for the record, could you please check in with me before you decide on what sort of excitement and interests might be suitable to perk me up?

No.  Really.

Because, while I’m all for shaking life up every now and then, I didn’t really have yesterday in mind as the best way to go about that.

So.  Are we good?  You’ll listen & then ask me first, yeah?

In the meantime please leave my friends across the Strait alone, they’re pretty fed up and frankly even this far away, so am I.

Ms Oh Waily

p.s. Note to self:  Be very careful what you wish for.

* for more details on the Universe’s solution to my mid-life humdrummery you can take a look here.  Scroll down for the ‘as long as your arm’ list of the Earth’s fun version of hoola-hooping.

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