Dear Mojo

Well, there’s no avoiding it is there.

My reading mojo has taken a hike.  Of the longest and most remote kind.  Instead it is replaced by a getting-out-library-books-to-languish-on-the-bedside-pile mojo and a Book-Depository-buying-spree mojo.

Where has my desire to wander through the pages of other people’s imaginations gone?
If anyone spots it, can they please pat it gently on the head, whisper quietly in it’s ear, turn it around on it’s tail and send it back to me?

Dear Reading Mojo,

I promise you, my darling mojo, that I will not abuse your company again by, *gasp*, spending time in my own imagination and in the everydayness of the real world.  I will keep you company as we trip through ancient China, ancient Japan, ancient Greece and maybe a bit around Scandinavia to finish off.  If that fails to impress you, oh mojo-one, then I can and will take a quick and relaxing trip to Hobbiton, then to the Misty Mountains and on in to the dim world inhabited by Smaug.  Will that satisfy you?  Will that help you to decide to return home to me?

I hope so.  I miss you.


The Book Depository spree…


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