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Books and books and books

Book ImageYes, I love books.

It was the one really big let down of last year.

I began to loathe reading.  The pressure of wringing out a review every couple of weeks throughout the year took its toll and by the end, I would happily have given away reading anything for a very long time.

As it stands, we’ve rejigged things and now there is a tiny bit less pressure on review writing – and I’ve had a relatively book-less holiday – so I am beginning to look with fond affection at my shelves again.  They are no longer full of colourful spines giving me the evil eye as I walk by.  I am also sensibly going to try and get a back-up of written reviews before the blogging season begins again.

Along with that I am making some changes here in the evenings that will impact on my reading time, in what I am hoping will be a positive way.  With that in mind, I will continue to work on my Booklitzer 200 challenge and will again tackle Bookish Ardour’s Off the Shelf Challenge since I now have something of a backlog of books on my shelves that I have acquired but not read.  And to fill in those non-existent gaps I will be reading from the 1001 Books list as well.
If I manage to even do some of this I should reach my Goodreads goal of 52 books for the year.

Crazy?  Why yes I am, thank you for saying!

Do you have any bookish goals for 2014?
Feel free to unburden your soul in the comments if you do.


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