The eternal optimist

In many ways I am not an optimist.  That would be because I have a strong streak of cynicism running from top to tail.  Hand me a library card, however, and I could out-Pollyanna Pollyanna.

It seems fairly traditional that I start off each new year with this re-invigorated spirit of reading, and this year is no different.  My bookish challenges remain a central feature of my yearly goals – that’d be the Booklitzer 200, the 1001 Books, the Off the Shelf and my Goodreads challenge.  Thankfully many overlap.
Unsurprisingly then I have started my year off with a large pile of library books with which to challenge my persistence and possibly my sanity.  One alteration to my usual behaviour is the fact that they now live on a shelf of their own rather than in a stack by my bedside, thereby reducing my tendency to jump from one to another and back to the first again.  Multi-task-reading begone!

So what am I planning to read, ever so optimistically?  These.

Books - Jan 2014

As you can see they nearly all tick off one or more challenge boxes.  Right now I am on the home-straight with Paulo Coelho’s Veronika Decides To Die, and am enjoying it so far.  Not quite as much as I did with The Devil and Miss Prym but then, I’m not finished yet.
You will have also realised that I have become fascinated with the noir period and the hard-boiled detective fiction thereof.  For those that know me this won’t be a surprise.  I’ve always loved the films that these books inspired, or were translated in to.  I’ve also slipped in a Waugh.  It’s been a lifetime since I read Vile Bodies and feel it is overdue that I return to that style of satire.

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