Primal rumblings

primalHave I mentioned lately that I’ve decided to go a bit Primal?


Well I have.

Clean eating here I have come.  Mostly.  When I’m not feeling ill or dodgy (thanks Master Oh Waily for the iffy stomach ailment the other week).
It’s cool.  It’s real food.  It doesn’t come out of a box or a packet (for the most part).  It involves quite a bit of coconut, which it turns out is pretty darn good.  Red wine is given the thumbs up – whoop!  Even some very dark chocolate is acceptable in moderation.  Can’t really go wrong then, can you?

Other than breaking a lifetime habit of eating bread products and sugar, it really isn’t that darn hard.  The key for me, so far, has been in the planning.  If I have a range of meals to choose from and the stuff in the house to make it, then I can make it happen.

On the upside it seems to be using my extra, unnecessary stores of body fat – yay for me!  And when I can scrape together a bit of enthusiasm and energy I will start adding in some bodyweight exercises.  The key ones to start me off being the plank, squats, push-ups and maybe some lunges too.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning about things primal your first stop should be Mark’s Daily Apple and then head off around the interweb to read about all of the variations known as paleo.  Find what works for you – strict, loose or somewhere in between.  There are plenty of great meal resource websites and blogs for inspiration if it is a drastic change in eating style for you, places like Stupid Easy Paleo where I got inspiration for last night’s dinner for instance.
There are plenty of other great sites like Nom Nom Paleo, paleOMG or Eat Drink Paleo to browse too.  There’s no requirement to be paleo/primal in order to like and enjoy the recipes after all.   🙂

Grok on, folks!

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